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Leucorrhoea Ayurvedic Treatment

Excessive discharge of a white, sticky, foul-smelling material from the vagina is called leucorrhoea. This common problem may occur due to unhygienic conditions, infection of the genital tract, or impaired immune function.


Excessive intake of heavy, oily, cold, sweet, and dense foods, Consumption of too much milk, butter, yogurt and cheese, Over indulgence in sexual activity, Repeated abortions or miscarriages, Following improper diet and lifestyle during menstrual cycles and improper vaginal hygiene.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Leucorrhoea is characterized by a continuos discharge from the vagina. The discharge is white and sticky and may sometimes have a foul smell. It may also be associated with irritation and itching in the genital area. Also there can be general body weakness, pain in the lumbar region and the calves, and mood swings.