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Sexual satisfaction is one of the key factors that make a relationship more enjoyable and fulfilling. Although there are other aspects that make or break a relationship, realistically speaking, sexual fulfillment is one of the the top considerations. Aside from sexual gratification, having a tight vagina contributes to a woman’s security and sense of wellness.

Best Treatment for Loose Vagina?

One of the most common causes of vaginal loosening is due to birth giving. The more a woman gives birth, the higher is the propensity for her vagina to slacken because her vaginal walls are stretched out. Another cause of loosening of the vagina is due to frequent sexual activity. Men prefer tight vagina that is why they choose younger women as sexual partners while for women, having a tight vagina could intensify her feeling of arousal and would make her feel every thrust and pressure done by her partner. There are different factors that could lead to the slackening of the vaginal wall and you cannot tell exactly if your vagina has loosened based on exact measurements but there are some indicators and they include the following:

  • The need to insert bigger objects into the vagina for stimulation and arousal
  • The difficulty to grip your index finger using your vagina
  • Your vagina no longer closes when you are not turned on
  • You can freely insert more than three fingers without much resistance
  • Difficulty to achieve orgasm
  • Failure to satisfy your partner unlike before

Benefits of Tightening Your Vagina:

When you want to tighten your vagina after finding out that your vaginal walls are indeed loosening up, you might want to know the benefits of such an endeavor.

  • A tighter vagina will help you and your partner enjoy more.
  • A tighter vagina actually makes a woman feel more confident.
  • When a woman has a tighter vagina and she and her partner are satisfied sexually, stress levels actually go down.